How It Works

Acupuncture yields its most powerful results with a high frequency of treatments. This means at least two treatments per week for each treatment plan, and once a week for maintenance and preventive healthcare.

A 30-minute treatment is effective, but the compounding effect of frequent treatments is powerful. At Amplify, we want you to experience great acupuncture and great results, which is why we make it super easy for you to get as many treatments as you need; all you have to do is show up anytime that is convenient for you! After your first new patient consultation, you can just drop by whenever you want, no appointment necessary.

There are no upfront commitments or pricey subscriptions, you simply pay per treatment. Even better, we offer great discounts and free treatment rewards through our Free Membership Program.

The First Step

Before you can start coming to Amplify as many times as you want, we need to get to know you and your health goals. We do that through a new patient consultation, where one of our TCM practitioners will talk to you about your health goals, make a diagnosis, design your treatment plan and provide your first treatment. The length of your first visit will be approximately one hour (including treatment).


Following Through

The duration of your following sessions will be 30 minutes, and they may be part of your treatment plan or your choice from the Amplify Menu.

After the completion of your treatment plan, or at any point in your series of treatments we can re-evaluate, re-design and adjust your treatments according to your needs.